Jul 18, 2017

"This is a slap on the wrist. Old men took him down. He put children at risk. There is no accountability here."

"I always thought people in this community, including children, had the right to be safe. The right to enjoy festivities."

"Because of the reduction of the charges, the message the Court is sending to this community is that it is not safe to go the parade."

"My children are grown now but I would not take my children to Old Town. I recommend people not take their children to Old Town."

"This is a slap on the wrist. Old men took him down. He put children at risk. There is no accountability here."

"As a member of the Republican Central Committee, our rights have been violated. "

"Around the country, Republicans are under assault for our views. We were called fascists. The Court does not look after citizens when the public is assaulted."

William Koenig was held to answer this morning on charges but had his felony charge reduced to a misdemeanor after a defense motion, which was opposed by the People, but granted by Judge John Feeney.
Koenig plead guilty and was sentenced this morning.

Before Koenig was sentenced, the victim, Zachary Rotwein made a victim impact statement.Throughout the statement, Koenig boldly stared at Rotwein. After the statement, Koenig's girlfriend glared at Rotwein in court and then confronted Rotwein outside the courtroom.

Both Koenig and his girlfriend were living at the Betty Chinn Center when this happened. They lost that housing. Koenig had recently been hired at Party City, after he started living at the Betty Chinn Center.


  1. If he is still at Party City, I will not be shopping there. Has nothing to do with political leanings but everything to do with how he is as a person. ~TMOB

  2. The courts and judge feeney should be ashamed. This is why the country is in the shitter. No consequence=no lesson learned.

  3. dirty, filthy bernie $anders supporter

  4. IMO the disposition of this case is appropriate. The political angle is insignificant. This guy played the "fascist" card the way others play the "racist" card when they're caught.