Aug 19, 2019

Why is SJN Hospitality MIA in Humboldt records and what is Shailesh Patel's opinion on the "hotel moratorium" in Eureka?

At tomorrow's Eureka City Council meeting, I am curious to see if hotel owner whose concerns prompting item D 2 on the agenda, the " Hotel Moratorium" will show up. Why isn't this hotel owner's name listed in the agenda summary?

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that someone against competition and a free market would be a person in Eureka currently owning a lot of properties who can't survive on business sense and does not offer a good product.

If you run a classy, clean and professional business, you don't need to be worried. We do need more hotels in Eureka that cater to tourists, businesses and locals looking for a respite. What we don't need is drug dens, rent by the hour motels and crappy properties that attract criminals on a regular basis wasting law enforcement resources daily.

There are quite a few people that own a few hotels or motels in Eureka.

One of them is Shailesh Patel. His name comes up with a lot of hotels and motels in Eureka. Here is some information on Shailesh Patel from the internet,including bizapedia and corporation wiki

Shailesh Patel is also one of the developers whose project to develop a hotel could be affected by this hotel moratorium.

SJN Hospitality purchased the former Eureka Chamber of Commerce building located at 2112 Broadway with plans for a hotel but has not submitted any permits, according to City of Eureka's Development Services Director Rob Holmlund. No information for SJN under fictitious business name came up in Humboldt County records or information on 2112 Broadway.  The file number for SJN Hospitality also does not show up in Humboldt County Records or the Assessor's database. There are a lot of documents dating back to 1999 in searches for Shailesh and Jayshree Patel.

Does anyone wanting a monopoly get an agenda item and staff time spent researching a no brainer? In that case, can we have a cannabis moratorium, a media moratorium, an insurance agency moratorium, a coffee shop moratorium?