Jul 9, 2017

Humboldt's image could use a makeover regionally and nationally

(Photo credit: Carolyn Ford)
Humboldt's image, regionally and nationally, could use positive spotlight by featuring Humboldt business leaders like Larry O. Doss, Barry Smith , Dale Maples, Kyle Visser who also help others succeed and give back to the community, regularly without wanting recognition.

Same for Supervisors Ryan Sundberg and Rex Bohn. Very accessible, pick up the phone and get things done for constituents, across party lines.


  1. are you looking for a job?

    1. I am not, but am open to any and all career opportunities.

  2. Humboldt's image does not need a makeover, the county itself needs a makeover. Raise education standards, lower the crime rate, lower the high cost of living, work on homeless issues. Fix those things and the image will follow.