Jul 9, 2017

"Attempts to contact Coast Seafood Company’s Southwest Operations Manager Greg Dale since June have not been returned."

"Attempts to contact Coast Seafood Company’s Southwest Operations Manager Greg Dale since June have not been returned. Attempts to contact Coast Seafood Company’s Oregon-based parent company Pacific Seafood Group were not returned by Saturday afternoon."


Not getting back to Times-Standard since June? Is this what a local business owner and Harbor Commissioner's idea is of transparency and professionalism?

Some of my friends and business acquaintances, commented that this would be a loss to the local economy.

This was my response to them in person and on Facebook.:

"Have either of you paid attention to the lawsuits and alleged business practices Pacfic Seafoods has been involved with?

Maybe local businesses with greed and arrogance are getting some due karma. If it be via the Coastal Commission, then so be it. Time for certain local businesses to start working for prosperity for this community and others instead of killing all competition. Real businesses thrive on competition."

Kudos to TS for the article. Unlike lamo NCJ and Lost Coast Toiletpost, who only "investigate" the EPD or police or Sheriff or County which is easy.  If they had cajones or are "journalists", they would "investigate" the abuse of power  and conflict of interest like the business above or Humboldt Area Foundation's funding of groups that are involved in selective protests on illegal immigration and their view of racism.
LOCO could investigate  Bear River Casino ( a LOCO advertiser).

I have called out both the left and the right, including friends or acquaintances, and  despite being smeared by mostly anonymous cowards and being threatened that I would be hurt  financially, by nasty local radical left, by faux conservatives, by local left lemmings and people  who chose to ignore their personal drama and victimization of this community and are pissy when they are exposed via coverage.

What these fools do not get is their posturing is irrelevant. These Humboldt losers are only big legends in their own minds. Humboldt isn't exactly the big time. No one is paying attention outside Humboldt unless the news and headlines matter.


  1. I'd say he won't comment and two, he doesn't give a f*#k. Sounds like CA enviros have killed more jobs.

  2. Who knows if the coastal commission would have authorized another 10 years extension on the business' oyster footprint. However, assuming the public and consenting agencies wouldn't react to a huge footprint enlargement was foolish and greedy. All that attention and input against the increase may have opened the coastal commissioner's eyes to the company's actual disregard for the environment and habitat. Wow how a decade can change the outcome of a business' future.