Jul 8, 2017

Retaliation or conspiracy? San Diego lawyer representing canna biz charged with felonies

(Jessica McElfresh)
Retaliation or conspiracy?


"Six people face felony charges stemming from an illegal hash oil manufacturing and distribution operation in San Diego, prosecutors said Wednesday.

The defendants are accused of conspiring to use flammable, volatile and toxic chemicals to extract the hash oil — which comes from marijuana — and then sell it out of state. They are also accused of trying to hide their activities from city inspectors."


"A California lawyer has been charged with multiple felonies after helping a medical marijuana business win an asset forfeiture case against the San Diego County District Attorney. Several cannabis attorneys have suggested that these charges were filed in retaliation against the attorney's recent victory."



  1. Is she any relation to Del Norte County Superior Court Judge McElfresh?

  2. John, looking at her past history of working FOR people, not just defending them but in contributing to public forums, etc., I would tend to think those she has successfully won cases against got together and decided an example had to be made.
    I guess lawyers are supposed to defend their clients, but not to be so SUCCESSFUL at it...
    Here's what she HAS done....

    "Over the past six years, 2/3rds of her cases have resulted in dismissals, no charges filed, or reduction to a misdemeanor."

    She graduated summa cum laude Scripts College and Juris Doctor, cum laude, University of San Diego.
    This is not a stupid person who would make stupid mistakes involving the law.
    I hope you'll keep us updated on this John, it's a very cautionary case...what could happen if you're too successful.