Jul 13, 2017

Hearing this morning on motion for subpoenaed medical records in Marci Kitchen case

A hearing on a motion for subpoenaed medical records in Marci Kitchen's case is scheduled today at 10:15 in Courtroom 5. The records were requested by DA.

Two envelopes were given to the People to make copies and provide to the defense. After court, I spoke with Mr. Benjamin Okin, who said he assumes the records are Kiya Kitchen and Faith Tsarnas medical records. He has no intention of filing an objection.

Kitchen has a trial confirmation scheduled for October 25 and jury trial scheduled for November 13.

Deputy District Attorney Stacey Eads is prosecuting the case. Mr. Benjamin Okin, one of Marci Kitchen's attorneys, was in court.  Mr. Zachary Zwerdling, represents Joe and Jevin Kitchen was also in court.

All media was in court except North Coast Journal.

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  1. One year and one day dead she has yet to SPEND ONE FAY IN JAIL.....what a disgrace to them beautiful girls.

  2. It is a disgrace and what could make our DA look worse? People are angry! We want her behind bars, not in them.