Jul 12, 2017

Exactly a year ago, law enforcement found Faith Tsarnas' body and airlifted Kiya Kitchen to a hospital out of the area

(Kiya Kitchen and Joe Kitchen)

(Faith Tsarnas)

Today is July 12, exactly a year ago,  law enforcement responded to Eel River Drive and discovered the body of Faith Tsarnas and found Kiya Kitchen nearby, still alive.

Kiya Kitchen succumbed to her injuries hours later.

The suspect charged in their deaths is Kiya Kitchen's mother, Marci Kitchen.

Today, I briefly spoke with Jeff Tsarnas, Faith Tsarnas' father, about his plans for today. At the time, we spoke this morning, our conversation was not for a post so I am not sharing the content. I told Mr. Tsarnas, if he felt like it, he could chose to share his thoughts via a post, later.


  1. John - I need to talk to you is there a phone number?

  2. My contact information is available on the site. Helpful to send me an email first introducing yourself. It will be confidential.