Jul 5, 2017

Read a Bear River Tribal Council letter for yourself regarding two incidents

Here is a screen shot of an official Bear River tribal letter sent to me. It addresses two incidents, including a suspension of the Vice-Chair for one tribal council meeting without pay. That part was not addressed in the email sent to me.

I cannot enlarge it on blogger but I will post it on facebook.

This is the email she sent me:

"Here is the truth you are looking  for truth is the chairman is being investigated by the FBI because the executive director william b sand received information from the a board member that they believe the chairman Brenard misused his credit card. The executive director investigated and then turned it over to the FBI when it was found to be true this is a letter to us as members signed by all members of the council yes William is my brother and as much as I hate him he is telling the truth When he says the McGinnis aren't being investigated but doesn't deny the chairman you should read between the lines."

In less than four days, I know how I am being deterred/intimidated to pursue this story and it is only coming from the McGinnis'. Imagine what my sources or anyone trying to get the truth out maybe going through? If the McGinnis' have nothing to hide, why prevent me investigating further?

As expected, this was the response from the FBI on July 6. "Thank you for your patience.  The FBI can neither confirm nor deny the existence of an investigation relating to your inquiry."


  1. so who do I contact to see if they are interested in obtaining the computer from McGinnis / Bear river. Legally obtained thru purchase of storage unit in late 2016. would love the FBI to have it incase there is info on it

    1. James, I am still waiting on a written response from the FBI. I checked in on the status of that request today. Until, I know a bit more, can't answer your question. I suppose you could start by calling the FBI San Francisco office.

    2. William B. Sand is a poor investigator. He only investigates what will benefit him or someone he is close to. William is want to be LE that can never be an officer. William had a swastika tattoo on his upper cheek until he found out he could enroll in BRB as a Tribal member. William removed the tattoo himself....hence his scarred face. He double dipped employment and wage. It's all about the $$$$$. Pure greed. Pure greed with "Big John as well. He too double dips. My guess is John tried to hide his Brother's wrong doing in some way. Shady shenanigans up on that hill. Will and Big John used to HATE each other.....now.....they're in cahoots. William will cover for John at every cost. Big John's exact words, " Don't question Will, Gaming can pull your license and have you fired for no reason. Laughable and sad. The Bear River Tribal Recommended John and Will not hold two positions however it was only a recommendation and no other Tribes do it.
      Bear River sells all kinds of drug paraphernalia at their smoke shop. It's located behind a curtain. Even scales, crack pipes....... As per their liqueur license they can not sell any drug paraphernalia not even papers. The same signatures on their liqueur license are also owners of the smoke shop. Their liqueur license is also being used for all their big events across the street at the Community Center.
      Drug Paraphernalia
      Licensees may not sell any product knowing, or under circumstances where one reasonably should
      know, that the customer intends to use the product for illegal drug purposes. This includes, but is
      not limited to, scales and balances, diluents and adulterants, balloons, envelopes, containers,
      pipes, screens, syringes, needles, scouring pads, blow torches, or cigarette papers.
      (Secs. 11014.5, 11364.5, and 11364.7(a) H&S)
      The law presumes that a licensee, or his/her agent(s), knows that an item is drug paraphernalia if
      ABC or any other state or local law enforcement agency notifies the licensee in writing that a thing
      (e.g., a glass vial, pipe screen, wiry sponge or scouring pad, roach clips, etc.) is commonly sold or
      marketed as drug paraphernalia. (See also Form ABC-546-A, Notice to Licensees Concerning
      Drug Paraphernalia Under Section 24200.6 Business and Professions Code) (Sec. 24200.6 B&P)