Jul 5, 2017

Imagine if CA held drug dealers accountable like this Judge

(Photo credit: W. Virginia Record)


"This was the deal: A West Virginia drug dealer was going to plead guilty to a single count of distributing heroin and in exchange prosecutors would drop the five other counts against him, including a couple counts of peddling highly addictive fentanyl.

But when the plea agreement was presented to U.S. District Judge Joseph Goodwin, he did something neither the prosecutor nor Charles York Walker Jr.’s public defender was counting on — he said no.
And in a 28-page order, the judge said one of the chief reasons Walker should face the “bright light of the jury trial” is because West Virginia is “ground zero” for the opioid epidemic that has been ravaging the nation."



  1. Please move to Humboldt Joe.

  2. He is a Bill Clinton nominee, and Barack Obama made his son the US Attorney.