Jul 14, 2017

Mark Wheetley paid his fines in full, completed HART classes but was on probation when CHP arrested him yesterday for an alleged DUI

Mark Wheetley paid his fines in full, completed his HART classes for his 2016 DUI case but was still on probation until 2019.

He was arrested by CHP on alleged charge of a DUI yesterday.

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  1. Are you defending his horrible, potentially deadly decision?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. What I did is provide details of his sentencing and fines from his 2016 case. What you read into my post is not my problem or issue. I am the only one who followed up on what happened after Wheetley's arrest in his 2016 case. I didn't see you commenting then. Nor did I see you comment when I was the only one who covered Hezekiah Allen's DUIs or Rick Littlefield's five DUIs and ridiculous plea deal for the last one with no jail time. Save your sanctimonious attitude and go question other media like NCJ, LOCO with paid and tons of staffers who selectively ignore what news and who they want to cover. I provided more in this post than the quick regurgitation by CHP PIO Cy May of an alleged charge. Is your attitude towards DUIs the same regardless of who is charged?

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