Jul 14, 2017

John Michael Stolpe pleads no contest to domestic violence charge but with DEJ, no conviction maybe entered

At trial confirmation for John Stolpe, the jury trial date of July 17 was vacated. Stolpe was charged with domestic violence.

A disposition and reset hearing for that case was scheduled for July 13. At that hearing, John Stolpe plead no contest with a deferred entry of judgement.

Stolpe's first review hearing is  on August 10, 2017 and another one on July 13, 2018.

From avvo.com:

"With DEJ, the defendant pleads guilty, but the court does not enter the judgment, so the conviction is never finalized. After a specified period of time, if all requirements are satisfactorily performed and no new offenses have caused the court to revoke DEJ, the case will be dismissed, without any conviction ever having been entered."

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