Jul 5, 2017

Trial setting for Ewa Misztal continued to see if she will also enter a plea of not guilty by insanity

Trial setting for Ewa Miztal, the Polish citizen and Arcata woman, charged with the death of her baby, was continued to this morning, then to this afternoon.

Information was amended in court to add a subdivision to the charge after Judge Marilyn Miles had a discussion with attorneys at the bench.

Trial setting was continued to July 19 to give the defense time to discuss entering a dual plea. Misztal has already entered a plea of not guilty. She has to decide whether she wants to also enter a plea of not guilty by insanity.

If she does, the process will be similar to the Gary Lee Bullock case and trial, including court appointment of two doctors to evaluate Misztal.

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  1. If you post anything about deporting her back to Poland on LOCO they delete your comment. I do think she should be deported if found guilty or unable to stand trial. she murdered her child.