Jul 2, 2017

JD Pitman, "the most arrested" shares his thoughts about EPD and his upcoming album, drunk in public

Some of my best posts are impromptu. Today, I was just walking around in Old Town and downtown marveling at the relative piece and quiet.

Besides the crowd near St. Vincent De Paul dining facility and a few people in Opera Alley, there were no regulars hanging out.

I had my video going and saw two people in the distance, one acting strange. Blogger does not allow me to post video but it is on my facebook page and others. This is the link:


In this video, JD Pitman calls himself, "the most arrested", shares his thoughts on EPD, and says he is recording an album out in a few months, "Drunk in Public."

JD talks about how he drinks but is not a heroin addict or a tweaker and that EPD has their hands full; tells me his son is acting strangely because he got messed up with the wrong crowd, some girls and is high on meth and is trying to get his son help.


  1. It should be a 'battle' record: JD Pittman "Drunk In Public" vs Lorenzo Marquis Shelton "One More For The Pavement". 2 x 12"Maxi EP with Radio, Explicit & Dub mixes. Word.

  2. I think the album should be called, "Where's my bologna sandwich?!" It should feature remixes by "Jojo" the Arcata street kid doing the drum and bass portion.