Jul 3, 2017

"Hank Sims comes across as butt hurt"; best LOCO comment of the day

For years, piss poor mediocrity has passed for "media" in this town with liberal activists passing themselves as "reporters."

The right/moderates in this town could care less about funding decent journalism or the joke that passes as "media" here would be long gone. When it's too late, and when the radical liberal agenda further affects their pocketbook, they may wake up.

Most business owners here are too busy vacationing out of town or wasting money by hiring progeny that needs a job.

Sinclair's purchase of Bonten Media is a great move. KAEF presents news, as it should be, facts with different and balanced perspectives. I watch Sinclair stations nationwide; they focus on local news and are professional.

The left in this town, more accurately described as the "fas" of the "antifas" are too filled with hate and fund crap like Lost Coast Communications and Hank "lets drink at noon and continue at 4" Sims and Goff, aka "I have no clue about news but Hank bought me a camera". NCJ, LOCO, and those threatened by Sinclair have half a dozen staffers yet what news or original news do they produce? They all are buddies and hang out and pat each other on the back. Real journalists don't hang out in Old Town boozing it up at lunch, Hank, with KIEM general manager J. Hockaday.

On LOCO's facebook page:

"Get the facts ... RIGHT?!?

Let John Oliver introduce you to Humboldt's newest mondo conservato local TV news operator, which just today got FCC approval to buy KAEF-TV.

Listed below are 8 of comments out of the few so far, on a shortly "poorly written opinion" by Hank Sims on the LOCO site.

Name must be one of the LOCO approved regulars. Journalistic outlets?

  • We could use a little right wing here to offset all the left wing news outlets. Like this one.

  • Sinclair is mental McDonalds. Cheap ingredients, in a low-quality product that's unhealthy but profitable enough to pay for marketing to convince you to swallow it.
    I hope our other journalistic outlets stay strong or reinvigorate, b/c we need you. TV news here is screwed.

  • Weird that so many of y'all out there think of Eureka as liberal.

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      "right wing".
      Ha! That's hilarious Hanky Panky.
      Did you go to the Hideous Rotten Conviction school of journalism?
      She seems to use the pejorative "right wing" like most people use the definite article, "the"

      Free Market
    • Lefties could have bought the stations but didn't.

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