Jul 16, 2017

Drive by shooting, green Honda Civic, three to four Hispanic males described in scanner call; details not in APD release

Thank you to Kym Kemp who actually provided audio of the scanner call on her site. APD Press release did not have these details.

Drive by shooting, green Honda Civic, three to four Hispanic males in white jacket,partial plate 1C.


  1. Sanctuary city Arcata must ensure that those innocent "people of color" have a safe haven from nasty, icky racist police officers.

  2. Arcata has created the liberal monster that spews crap onto its residents and other portions of the community. Sanctuary means any lowlife felon, deviant, -raphead,draft dodger, pervert, terrorist can take up residency and have the liberal minions give them everything.How great socialism and anarchy work together. So drive by shootings? Whoppee! Bring it on and on and on until the people are so pissed at the council (never happen) they show up and demand change. Chapman can't do anything-his hands are tied by the libtards.
    All of this liberal touchy feely stuff doesn't protect the "real" citizens. Stop the vermine now before its irreversible.

  3. The Rats live and breed under 101 at Guintoli lane. Full kitchen under the highway. Valley West is a literal shit hole. Cal Trans needs to mow the grass and limb up the trees 20' and remove all low growing shrubs. Corrupt City of Arcata needs to clear out their Rat infested "Wetland's" through out the Caliphate.