Jul 10, 2017

50K bail set for William Koenig charged with threatening Humboldt GOP volunteer

William Koenig had a OR/Bail court hearing this afternoon in Courtroom 2. He was not released today.

 Koenig was arrested by EPD on July 4 after making threats to a Humboldt Republican volunteer and trying to steal a donation jar. Koenig was arraigned on July 6, entered a not guilty plea and his bail was set at 50K.

Koenig is charged in Count 1 with criminal threats, a felony. Alleged victim Zachary Rotwein. Count 2 is petty theft from the Humboldt Republican Party.

Intervention is scheduled for July 13. Preliminary for July 18.

Koenig does not have any other cases listed in the court system.

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  1. Thank you for EXPOSING the LEFT John Chiv

  2. looks like a HIPPIE

  3. Looks like a filthy Bernie supporter... acts like Bernie too... stealing other people's money... just like Bernie and his wife.