Nov 14, 2017

Last year his store gets broken into; yesterday he gets "beat up and pantsed" by the homeless

(Photos I took for an article in 2014)

I received a tip that yesterday, in the middle of the afternoon, a local business owner was allegedly "beat up and pantsed by a group of homeless people by Dominos at 5th and F?"
The eye witness identified the business owner as James Darin Goodale, who owns James Darin Joaillier, located at 520 Fifth street in Eureka.

According to the witness, Mr. Goodale "screamed profanities at the homeless. When  EPD arrived with a K-9 unit, according to the eyewitness, Mr. Goodale yelled profanities at them as well.

Mr. Joaillier, allegedly attacked a homeless woman, who may or may not have mental issues, for stealing pumpkins that were outside his store.

I was unable to reach Mr. Goodale. His store was closed when I stopped by. EPD Crime Analyst Brittany Powell confirmed the incident.

"Officers responded to a disturbance between multiple people yesterday around 2:15 p.m. near 5th and F Street.  The involved parties were uncooperative with the officers.  No further action was taken."

In April 2016, Goodale had his store broken into. The alleged perpetrators were never caught.

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  1. WTF? You have and eyewitness to a beating and possibly sexual assault yet no arrest? Maybe this falls under the non violent category according to Brown. The victim is white after all.

  2. Rusty, if the alleged victim is uncooperative, there can be no arrest. This happens more often than you think.

  3. Should have carrying a gun