Jul 4, 2017

Sassafras, The Hammered Posy, Job's Daughters, and "the Donald" at Eureka 4th of July celebration

Fourth of July Eureka celebration 2017 did not have May's Chinese food this year but lot of other options to chose from.

Two young girls came up to EPD officer Drake Goodale, gave him a hug, candy and then happily posed for a photo.

Sassafras Dance Company performing above.

I bought Krispy Kreme donuts from Job's Daughters to support their fundraising. Gave them away to friends. You become very popular with strangers when you have these donuts! Job's daughters are the female counterpart of the Masons. Last year, they changed rules so you do not need Mason lineage to join. They will find you a Mason sponsor.

The art jewelry is produced by The Hammered Posy, a local business. Selections available at Linen Closet, Orange Cup Coral or www.thehammeredposy.etsy.com

Saw a booth for League of Women Voters and one for Humboldt Republicans. Guess which one had a carboard cutout of Trump.

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  1. Job Daughters are young woman under age 21, after 21 they can join the Eastern Stars, the adult female to the adult male Mason. Young men are DeMolay. A worthy organization giving many opportunities for our youth.