Nov 3, 2016

Scott Crane argues with his attorney; bail now $45,000, stay away order from Safeway and security guard

With a devil may care attitude, Scott Joseph Crane sauntered into Courtroom 1.

Judge John Feeney set bail at $5,000 for Crane's probation case. His bail for the Safeway altercation was set at $45,000.

As expected, the Public  Defender was reappointed to represent him. Ms. Meagan O'Connell was present for arraignment.

Crane, at first argued with Ms. O'Connell about a referral for supervised release report frim Probation. "What does supervuse mean?"

He will have a Bail/OR hearing tomorrow afternoon. Trial confirmation on November 17. Jury trial on November 28.

Crane was served with a hundred yard stay away order from Max Neff and Mckinleyville Safeway.

Deputy District Attorney Whitney Barnes was present for the People.



  1. Crab season is open. This felon needs concrete shoes and deep six in the bay

    1. What I like is how these repeat offenders, from local families, always get public defenders. Some of these people have burned bridges because their families have run out of money. And they have the nerve to argue with a court appointed lawyer that they will never pay for.

      He was not released on OR or bail.