Nov 22, 2016

Now that there is an official complaint, will the City of Eureka still not look into Austin Allison?

An official complaint was filed today, see content below, and sent to Eureka City Manager Greg Sparks and Eureka City Finance Director, Wendy Howard.
An official complaint has been filed with the City of Eureka to look into whether Allison has a business license or not?

"It is my understanding that Austin Allison has a small furniture making business in Eureka. It is also my understanding that he does not have a business license. I want to make this an official complaint and have Austin Allison be required to obtain a business license for doing business within the city of Eureka. Thank You Robert L. Tuel"

I never heard back from the City of Eureka after my last inquiry. Still no word from the City of Eureka.

The City of Eureka is in a tough situation with three current Councilmembers backing Allison.

Nov 4, 2016

Guess the City of Eureka and the rest of the media don't think its relevant if a City Council candidate does not have a business license

I sent an email today to the City of Eureka Manager, Greg Sparks.

Asking him or the Finance Department or whoever he thinks should respond in writing to me.

Not a single media outlet has followed up on this; as a taxpayer or business owner, why do you continue to support media outlets that refuse to get you relevant information?

"I did this post last Friday. I have not heard from Austin.

I have received inquiry from the public about what the City of Eureka has done, if anything to see about Austin Allison not having a business license.

He is running for a seat on the Eureka Council and the election is on November 8."

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  1. How about County Equipment tax? Probably not because if he did everything right then he'd be..... Wait for it......a..... Republican.