Nov 14, 2016

Ninth District Judge says former Del Norte DA behavior was "reprehensible"

Jon Alexander

 A Ninth Circuit judge said Monday that although a disgraced former California district attorney might win a case accusing him of trying to frame his old boss for drunken driving, the former DA’s behavior was “reprehensible.”
“This case should never, ever have been brought in the first place,” Circuit Judge Paul Watford said at a hearing Monday over criminal charges filed against former Del Norte County District Attorney Michael Riese.
The charges for DUI, child endangerment and public intoxication were brought in 2011 after Riese was found acting erratically at a Safeway supermarket. Riese claimed he became disoriented at the store as a side effect of medication he had taken for a knee injury, and that the responding officers and the store manager concluded he wasn’t under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.
Reise was acquitted on all three counts in 2012.

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