Nov 10, 2016

One of Fortuna juveniles' nickname was "school shooter"; also FHS students suspended for alleged racial slurs

This is some more information on the two students arrested today by Fortuna High School.

It is from  sources I spoke with (not Fortuna PD). You heard it here first.

"Two students will most likely be expelled. There is an early Monday morning meeting before school to tell the teachers and discuss situation. Principal Clint Duey called the Monday meeting.

One of the students's first name starts with Q (not publishing full name).

He wears a trench coat and talks about shooting up the school. His nickname is in reference to his gun obsession, "school shooter." Q told a student  he had guns and  mustard gas prepared for today's rally. When the other student told an adult, the student was searched. No weapons but it is unconfirmed that he did have homemade mustard gas."

Fortuna police searching school gym now, according to another source.

In other Fortuna High School news, at least 11 students have been suspended from one to three days for racial slurs such as the wall will keep you out, and you will be sent back in a few weeks.

FHS has been operating without a campus supervisor , whose primary duty is to maintain security on campus for several months.   New campus supervisor just recently hired to replace the previous one.


  1. Rumors running all over Twitter. My FUHS kid just showed me a tweet from sister of the "Not Q" suspect who claims to know the identity of a third kid, but will not name his name. She claims he still intends to do something on Monday. Called police. They are aware of possible 3rd suspect. Sorry about anonymous posting and coy naming of names. Don't know how to share this info without making my name public, don't want to publicize child's name.

  2. Anonymous, thank you. You are doing the right thing by how you worded your comment in a public comment. If there is anything you want me to follow up on, send me an email titled confidential.

    Your name and any information will be protected as a confidential source. My contact information is on top of the page. This is a serious issue and your discretion is appreciated.