Nov 21, 2016

Two arrested at Discovery Inn on Broadway

EPD arrests one male and female at Discovery Inn. Six police cars on scene. According to an observer, it was an African American male and female. The African American female was allegedly stark naked in the middle of the street.

I just spoke with EPD's Captain Steve Watson who just left the scene. When EPD arrived at the location, there were two people involved in an altercation. The female was allegedly pepper spraying the male. Captain Watson confirmed what an eye witness told me.

The African American female had her shirt off and was challenging the officers and yelling at them not to do anything because she is black, then she pulled her pants down and her behavior was crazy and out of control.

Both are in custody.

I have the entire video, it is a large file. Since it has the actual arrest with the above observation and nudity, I cannot post it on blogger or facebook. An edited version is on my business facebook page. It is copyrighted, as is all material on my blog.


  1. You don't have hair one if you don't post it. Good for a chuckle if nothing else.

    1. Nice try anon. But amusement is not my priority here, my blog and my business is and this is not the only post I am working on all day. You can send me your real name and email an maybe I will send you a PG snippet.