Nov 10, 2016

Miranda man sentenced to 18 years and 4 months still not transported to prison

Sentencing was scheduled on November for Thomas Lusk, the Miranda man, who plead and is scheduled to be sentenced to prison for 18 years and 4 months.

He was sentenced. Is supposed to be transported to prison. Still at Humboldt County jail as of today.

On November 1, Lusk plead guilty to an additional count 14, forcible oral copulation was added to the information for a Jane Doe #4.Lusk also plead guilty to Count 13 Assault with intent to Commit a felony sex offense.

He got the higher term for Count 14 which is 8 years and it was doubled because of the special allegation for that count for a prior serious felony. That conviction was in June 2012 for criminal threats and that made his prison term 16 years. For Count 13, he got 1.3 of the mid term sentence which was 16 months; same special allegation and time doubled to 32 months. Total 18 years, 8 months to be served consecutively.

The remaining Counts 1 to 12 were dismissed.

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