Nov 29, 2016

EPD responded to area of 4th and J report of male carrying a shotgun

According to Operation Safe Streets, about half an hour ago:

"EPD headed to 800 block of 4th Street for a report of male carrying a shotgun."

OSS Update (15 minutes ago): " Apparently UTL.  Always reassuring."

I have not heard sirens or an ambulance.


  1. Not trying to be the grammar police, but I believe it's carrying, not carring. John I appreciate your work. I know a lot of these liberals despise our kind but I'm glad that doesn't deter guys like yourself for standing up for what's right. Keep up the good work.

  2. Fixed it. I should check after posting from my phone, especially reporting on multiple stories at the same time, but I don't. I appreciate your support and kind words.

  3. Still needs to be fixed on the link as well. Sorry now I really sound like the grammar police lol. Easy to make errors posting from your phone especially when you're as busy as yourself. But if posting errors is all I can complain about you must be doing alright.

  4. Unfortunately link cannot be fixed.