Nov 11, 2016

Suspicion of human trafficking and reports of people inhaling nitrous oxide result in arrests

On 11-07-2016 The Mendocino County Sheriff's Office received information that four subjects were inside a red Toyota vehicle inhaling nitrous oxide from a container while parked in the 1300 block of North State Street in Ukiah, California.

It was also reported two females were seen getting out of the vehicle and going into different hotel rooms for a short period of time and per the reporting person believed there to be a situation of human trafficking.

Sheriff's Deputies responded to the location and observed the vehicle pulling out of the hotel parking lot.

Deputies noticed the driver of the vehicle to be Edward Esquivel, who was known to have a suspended drivers license. The Deputies notice the vehicle was also occupied by one female passenger, later determined to be a juvenile.

Esquivel pulled out into oncoming traffic forcing cars to stop and he drove into the Shell gas station across the street where a traffic stop was conducted.  A Deputy approached the vehicle on foot observing numerous nitrous oxide canisters between the seat and a machete laying in the back seat area.

Esquivel immediately became uncooperative and for officer safety reasons he was told to exit the vehicle. Once out of the vehicle a pat search of his clothing was conducted and when the Deputy was searching Esquivel's waist area he pulled back.

Esquivel became combative when other Deputies arrived and a struggle ensued resulting in Deputies and Esquivel all falling to the ground.

Esquivel was able to stand and tried to run away.  At this time one of the Deputies deployed his Taser and Esquivel was incapacitated until other Deputies were able to handcuff him without further violence.

Esquivel continued to be uncooperative and later during the course of this investigation it was found he was under the influence of a controlled substance.

A search revealed Esquivel had placed a handgun down his pants as he was being pulled over at the gas station. The handgun was found to be loaded at the time of his arrest.

It was also determined Esquivel was a felon and was prohibited from possessing firearms and ammunition.

All of the Deputies involved in the struggle with Esquivel sustained minor injuries.

Officers with Ukiah Police Department, California Highway Patrol and Mendocino County Probation Department arrived to assist the Sheriff's Office.

The female juvenile who was in the vehicle was arrested by juvenile probation on unrelated charges.

Esquivel was booked into the Mendocino County Jail where he was to be held in lieu of $95,000.00 bail.

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