Nov 18, 2016

Making threats on Facebook James just because someone voted for Trump? Maybe EPD should check this out?

Steve Payton started out as a client but has become a good friend of mine. I did not see such comments after the 2008 or 2012 election but it's okay to make threats in 2016?

I get anonymous comments and emails like this from "tolerant" people all the time, delete some, save some.

Here is a facebook post of his  reproduced with permission.


Steven Payton
8 hrs · Eureka ·
Due to the volume of complaints I will be taking a break from Face Book until January. One last word, I do not harbor hate for Democratics.

James LaPierre
James LaPierre · Friends with Marge Treichler
You stupid racist Moron. Go fuck yourself. Your vote was a hate crime. Bible Institute! LOLOL you stupid motherfucker. Those children are going to grow up to hate your guts, if they're lucky. I hope you get to watch them come home in body bags, grandpa. casualties of YOUR stupid race war. And THIS time, there'll be NO General Sherman and his "crisis of Conscience". We're just gonna kill you all. You racist cunt.
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James LaPierre
James LaPierre · Friends with Marge Treichler
The Eagle AND the Flag. Well aren't you a patriotic racist cocksucker.
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James LaPierre
James LaPierre · Friends with Marge Treichler
Fuck you. We're gonna open fire on you racist assholes. See a hate crime. Shoot the perp. You think we don't have guns. Fuck you, you racist cunt.
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  1. Only if the same applies to the typically more profane and more violent Trump supporters...

    1. You mean like those fabricated stories of hate crimes or the paid Clinton supporters that were inciting violence. Give it up, you lost the election and the only violence that has been going on is the crybabies on the left. You are an anonymous person with no evidence of any violent Trump supporters, like above. When you have something verifiable and plan to use your name, we can continue this discussion.

  2. I think your friend needs medication. Or at least stay off Facebook for a while unless he's trying to get a knock on the door. TMOB.

  3. *Which one is your friend? Steve? If so, I meant the other guy.