Nov 19, 2016

Fallen tree, vehicle vs pedestrian, dog foot stuck in shower drain, first responders had a busy night

Photo and information from Operation Safe Streets:

"High winds bring down tree that takes out an unoccupied vehicle near Eureka Inn earlier tonight."

This at 11:14 p.m.

Before that, at 10:16 p.m. "Vehicle vs Pedestrian 1700 block of Broadway.  Slow down and watch for people in Roadway folks!'

A few minutes before, "The Humboldt Bay Fire Squad is headed to a call for a dog with its foot caught in the shower drain for last 20 minutes."


  1. these all fall in the category of stupid! Touchy feely trees always fall over due to shallow root systems. Wrong place for the car! Slowing down while driving in the dark doesn't stop stupid people crossing roads when they DON"T have right away in the dark. Finally, wtf is the dog doing in the shower! Come on stupid people.

    1. camelg1...IMO, your comment is stupid. Based on what you wrote, what solutions do you recommend? Eradicate all trees within the city limits? So no damage from falling limbs or trees. Should we prohibit cars on the roadway at night? As so to protect those who wish to walk in the roadway. Make it illegal to bathe pets in showers? Were else should pet guardians bathe their pets?