Nov 17, 2016

Scott Crane who assaulted security guard at Mckinleyville Safeway plead out

Scott Joseph Crane, who assaulted four people, including a security guard at the Mckinleyville Safeway plead out yesterday in Courtroom 1 before his intervention today and scheduled preliminary hearing on November 28 which was vacated.

Crane accepted an offer made by the charging attorney in the case, which was DA Maggie Fleming.

I am at the DA's office right now.Deputy District Attorney Brent Kling who was in the courtroom to take the plea told me that Crane admitted to two counts of battery, probation violation, he was ordered to serve 32 days in jail, is on probation for the new case. He also has stay away orders from all victims in the case and Safeway.

Restitution is reserved. Since he spent time in custody, that counted towards time served.

DA Maggie Flemuing responded to my inquiry about the plea.

"The plea required him to plead to two counts of battery with two other counts dismissed with a “Harvey” reservation – which means the Court can consider the conduct involved in those counts when imposing sentence and determining restitution."

"The four original counts include one involving a victim who did not want to prosecute."

"The plea holds him accountable for his conduct and includes a restraining order that does not allow him to be near Safeway nor the victim who is employed as a security person."

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  1. It's a good thing restraining orders are 100% effective, and 32 days in jail is more than enough time for a career criminal who just assaulted four people to decide they're going to change their ways forever. And no one on probation ever re-offends!