Nov 26, 2016

EPD investigation into 17th and L incident reveals juvenile armed with a gun

Just spoke with Eureka Police Chief Andrew Mills.

In their ongoing investigation, "We now find out the suspect, a 16 year old juvenile, was armed with a gun. " Crime scene is being searched .

According to Operation Safe Streets, Eureka, a loaded revolver had allegedly been thrown from the roof.

EPD Crime Analyst Brittany Powell said, "The original call was for a residential burglary alarm.  Officers found the firearm inside of the residence."


  1. The gun was Not thrown from the roof, it was found hidden in the residence where he had hidden it, knowing he was surrounded by police.

  2. He had dropped the gun when he Jumped from the roof, but immediately picked it back up and entered the residence!! I know, it was all caught on security cameras!!

    1. I will get the official report from EPD. Both your account and thrown from the roof are citizen accounts. Not that I doubt you, but it has been a four day holiday weekend and there will be detailed updates to many posts.

  3. It was my house and cameras