Nov 14, 2016

Red Front Store in Ferndale allegedly robbed at gunpoint

According to Operation Safe Streets, Red Front Store robbed at gunpoint, few minutes ago.


  1. the misadventures of bunjeeNovember 15, 2016 at 9:18 AM

    Son of a....I used to buy toys there as a kid. What's with people? Why that store, of all places? There's only 3 routes out of town.

  2. the consequences of early release "less threat" convicts back into society. We need to have all businesses "open carry" and hopefully thwart many robberies. The liberal's restrictions have caused "gun free" zones for easy predation. What's it going to take for all of us to wake up and start proactive defense-not whine after the robbery or attack.STOP DRINKING THE KOOLAID!

  3. There may be only three routes out of town...but when the Ferndale cops are in Fortuna eating instead of doing their jobs??
    Does it matter?