Nov 24, 2016

This is an illegal industry, and it requires a lot of workers, it’s very labor intensive, If they can bring in free labor through human trafficking, they’ll do that.”

Minutes ago, Shasta County Sheriff spoke about the disappearance of Redding's Sherry Papini, now safe. In her case, it was 22 days.

The above issue hits home and this link somehow didn't make it in local media. The court case of David Anderson was not covered by the local media, all three trials were covered on this blog. TS covered it when a local victim approached them.

Hezekiah Allen said what is highlighted below is not indicative of "our culture" on another local online site. He must have been sleeping through the court case of Kailan Meserve, again not covered by other local media until sentencing and no one covered the Throckmorton case.

Undersheriff William Honsal was interviewed for the story below.


This is an illegal industry, and it requires a lot of workers, it’s very labor intensive,” Honsal said. “If they can bring in free labor through human trafficking, they’ll do that.”
Honsal said he believes that’s the reason his county leads the state in missing person’s reports.
“We have people that call us every year and say, ‘my son or my daughter or my boyfriend or my friend went to Humboldt county to grow marijuana or to help process marijuana, trim marijuana, and we haven’t heard from them in six months… do you know what happened to them,’ and we don’t.”
Honsal said many of them are forced into slave labor, locked behind multiple gates in rugged, rural areas of the county. However, he noted sometimes victims do get away, and come forward.
“There have been cases where females have been drugged and raped and held against their will, and that… that has happened.”

Watch video and read full article here:


  1. I was a juror for the second trial of David Anderson. To realize what happened to all those victims was disturbing beyond words. I wanted to thank you for your coverage of the trial - we, as a caring community, need to know that human trafficking is happening here in Humboldt. It is not just "something that happens elsewhere." Keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you for your comment and serving as a juror in this case.

  3. Can you post the links to your previous coverage of the David Anderson case? Kailan Meserve and Throckmorton links?

    1. If it were one case, I would but these are three cases with two of them going to trial more than once. You can google search them easily.

  4. Lest we forget."good upstanding citizens"commit horrible acts of violence,and have the support of other,"good upstanding citizens" Ronald Young, various friends at HCOE wrote a flurry of supportive letters.Most importantly?..Initially held on 500,000.00 bail..A local trusted teacher...News outlets reporting?? Crickets chirping..There are wolves in educated clothing also...

    1. Foralltheladies, lest you forget or have no clue, I reported on Randy Cook and I reported on Ronald Young. No one else did. After seing the success of my blog, suddenly the rest of the media wants to cover crime/courts and even then they dont have the knack to pick cases.

      So don't preach to me, I have risked a lot, including my own finances to bring out the truth. You have a lot to say but what source do you read, do you support my work, nope. The crickets chirping are all who love pot crime $ and sold women, children and hardworking community members out. This post is about crime and a lot of it, rapes, murder, home invasions are due to weed. Not alcohol, not tobacco or any other reason.

    2. Ahh..John. You misunderstood me my friend.. I hold you in the highest, highest regard.Because you have spoken out..when it wasn't popular. I was addressing our main stream media..and how they "pick and choose"whom to cover, and not cover, based on status, politics etc..
      Admire you, and your bravery..for all the ladies.. Thank you.

    3. Thanks for clarifying Foralltheladies. I will let my wrath above stay directed at the mainstream media, the rest of the local media and the fine "upstanding citizens" of Humboldt and California. Whether they grow pot or not, some have indirectly contributed to the decline in this state.