Nov 29, 2016

HCSO Deputy thanks mystery lady for doing this, we all should

I add my thanks to whoever you are.

From HCSO facebook page:

This is from one of our patrol deputies:

Yesterday a lady approached my patrol vehicle, while I was parked at College of the Redwoods, and handed me something. She stated it was for me, I thanked her and she hopped back into her vehicle and drove off. I opened it and it was a gift card for coffee. That is not what got my attention, it was the message she had written in it.

This card was not just for me but for what the uniform and badge I was wearing stands for.

There are people who support law enforcement out there and some are close to home. Thank you, ma'am who ever you are for this message. I'm sharing these words with all my LEO family because I know it was meant for all of us.

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  1. Terrific gift back to the officers in blue. Yes, I as well appreciate what you do for our community,cities, and towns. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!