Nov 17, 2016

Have a problem with repeat criminals on the street? Take it up with Gov. Brown or the uneducated voters who help pass Prop 57 and 47

Below is a comment I made on facebook in response to someone about the Scott Crane case but it is something I have repeatedly said about other cases, privately to people who call and express frustration.

I took out the person's name from the comment.

"Instead of blaming the DA or the Judge, , educate yourself because this is the consequence of Prop 57, Prop 47, and AB 109 put forth by a lax Governor Jerry Brown, misnaming Propositions and voted on by, in my opinion, stupid California voters who force the rest of us to live with their decisions. Take your beef to the Governor and those who support such propositions."

Covering the courts daily and having knowledge and insight into the system, readers often thank me for helping them understand the criminal justice system and the followup on cases, large or small.

 There has been increased coverage of  courts by other media, after they saw the success of this blog, but it is still superficial.

Instead of jumping on every scanner incident as "breaking news, certain local media should be investigating  the effect of generations of failed parenting, probation failing for repeat offenders and failure of even bail to ensure appearance in court ; add to that the lax drug culture and lack of jobs, all that contributes to crime.

Some crimes are misdemeanors, some felonies but California's lax attitude towards crininals and touchy feely rehabitation, which does not work for every one, is to blame.


  1. The Governor listens to no one unless there's money or connections involved. He never has. He is about as distant from the rest of the citizens as I am from being a car tire.

  2. Well as for Prop 57 and 47 they were both voted on by the voters and in fact sizable majorities of Humboldt Citizens voted in favor of both. Can't really blame that on the Governor. If you wanted to blame somebody take it up with the US Supreme Court, who required CA dramatically reduce the prison population. Our capacity was 170K in 2006 yet was designed for 110K. So 2 ways to solve that problem. Let prisoners go or build more prisons. Brown supported the former. It just seems to me that we are being told to accept the election results. All of them.

    1. I already blamed the voters but sorry Allan, I do blame Moonbeam. The Propositions were mistitled and misleading. He had a choice, could have taken $ from frivolous pet projects and built more prisons. If people keep committing crimes, keep failing rehab then they need some time away to either change or lose their freedom. In California, criminals have more rights than law abiding citizens. Another way to reduce the prison population, make the consequences so hard, we don't have people committing crimes. The only election result that was good was national, California blew it locally and nationally.

  3. I appreciate your blog John Chiv. I am nowhere near close to understanding how the laws and props and this or that work. I know I always feel slightly more educated after reading your stuff. Thank you

  4. The comments in this letter offer an examination behind what prop 47 was supposed to do and how it has failed. The organization waged a strong fight against the new law but people believed the slant it was given.

    California will be getting a new Governor. I don't endorse people for public office but this time around I know who I don't want.
    I don't want Antonio Villaraigosa. He held various elected offices and then was mayor for two terms. He presents a very suave, cultured appearance and he's part of a declining quality in holders of that office. The current office holder is hungry for higher office, don't know if he'll wait another 4 years or not. With any luck, he'll term out and be appointed dog catcher. (yes, I'm joking, I'd not wish him on the stray dogs). His dad was and is a decent hard working person. It was he who had the bad luck to get stuck with the OJ trial. He doesn't deserve (in my opinion) his son either.
    Newcom from San Francisco will try to restart his career but what has he accomplished that we really care about?
    I don't think the people of California need a man good at chairing meetings and meeting with foreign dignitaries (and flying around the world on the taxpayer's dime to do so) and planning more and more ways to get the taxpayers to pay for what is supposed to make their lives better, only at the cost of a tax increase that doesn't end unless there is an initiative passed to end it.
    Yes, the people of California voted for that also.
    Last Saturday there was an Observation of the anniversary of the death of the father of Assemblyman Mike Gatto, a victim of violent crime. The case is unsolved. The event was shared with people whose families have also suffered from the lost of a friend or family member to violent crime...all deaths unsolved, unpunished.
    I don't think he's going to run for Governor but It's seeing someone in public office that does care about such things that makes me hope that there are others who care about more than the next higher office, and the one after that and the one after that.
    Back when Arnie was going to cut salaries to the minimum across the board for state workers so he could balance 'his' budget, Chiang took the stand that the Governor could not do that, the as Controller he had a state duty to pay workers the salary they were due...and won.
    I respect that and what he's done to make the state more fiscally responsible (when the legislature & Governor let him).
    But he has something else that makes me think he might take a different approach to crime. His sister, who was working in Washington DC, was murdered. And the crime remains unsolved. Perhaps that influenced his decision to run for Governor, I don't know. I only know the little I've read on line, as with Gatto.

    So if you're concerned about 47 and the new one, and you like to keep yourself points of view that don't appear in the popular press you might want to follow the group that put out the info on Prop 47. They have a newsletter that is worth reading (it's weekly) and might help you see someone else's point of view.

    John Chiv's occupation is researching and reporting news, particularly that which involves crime and punishment. And yes, he does try to share knowledge but if you want lessons, I think you'd have to talk with him directly, not on this forum.
    But (if allowed) I can share my viewpoints, what I know with those who read the forum (especially those who read but do not post) and hope it provoke more thought and maybe more involvement.
    One story can have multiple coverages on the North Coast but when all the views are put together, does it teach anything, take us to the next level of understanding?
    Hope you find something in the link that makes some things clearer.

    1. Thank you Gabriele for sharing this link and your perspective. You are very helpful and knowledgeable about California and the law and your comments offer diverse perspectives.