Nov 19, 2016

Five homicides in five months, this year in Fortuna

In five months this year, five homicides in Fortuna.

Faith Tsarnas and Kiya Kitchen in July; Tim Smith in September and the alleged murder -suicide involving Steve and Jerry Sisson.


  1. Maybe now the Fortuna PD will hire a detective.

  2. If the Fortuna City Council provides them funds from Measure E, they absolutely should hire a detective. Crime does not seem to be going away.

  3. Kitchen's death due to alcohol,drugs, and anger(? as yet determined),Smith's death due to jealousy and testosterone, and the Sissons deaths due to love and compassion for his father. All of these deaths could have happened in any random city or town other than Fortuna. Can you say the planets lined up for evil to prevail? I'd say yes. Look at all the armed robberies and break ins. This isn't the norm,but somehow evil is flourishing without straight forth restraint by us as citizens and the entire court system. I hope for good to come back to our community soon.