Nov 23, 2016

One Discovery Inn suspect to be arraigned today; another listed for January 5, 2017

Altonique Burton does not have arraignment scheduled until 1/5/17. David Watty is scheduled for arraignment today in Courtroom 4.

Burton is charged in the complaint filed by the DA for resisting an Officer; EPD officer Jenkins.

Watty is charged with Resisting/Obstructing/Delaying a Peace Officer or Emergency Technician; EPD Officers Jenkins, Bise, and Omey.

Nov 22, 2016

David Laron Watty and Altonique Burton arrested yesterday at Discovery Inn

David Laron Watty and Altonique Burton arrested for incident yesterday at Discovery Inn.

EPD Crime Analyst Brittany Powell said, "The original call was for a physical fight in the rear parking lot involving two females and a male.  One of the females was described as the primary aggressor.  The male and one of the females were both arrested for corporal injury on a spouse or cohabitant and resisting arrest."

A google search revealed prior records for both suspects other places besides Humboldt .

Locally Burton and Watty have traffic/infraction cases; Watty plead guilty of assault in 2015 after preliminary hearing and was granted 3 years formal probation on 3/9/16 .

San Joaquin Roster:

Released 08/26/2016




08/26/2016 01:17 PM

In Custody
Another arrest in 2015 in Las Vegas for Altonique Burton.


Booked By
City of Las Vegas
Booked Date
Nov. 17, 2013

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