Nov 14, 2016

Man who allegedly assaulted 12 year old near Arcata Elementary Napa State Hospital bound

Receipt of a CONREP report was scheduled for Dylan Wilson on November 8. That report was received.

His next court hearing is on November 30.
It is for confirmation of his transport from jail to Napa State Hospital,a lockdown facility for restoration to competency services.

Oct 17, 2016

Man who allegedly assaulted 12 year old at Arcata Elementary found mentally incompetent; evaluation of anti-psych meds ordered by court

Criminal proceedings for Dylan Wilson, the man charged with with two felonies in the alleged sexual assault against a 12 year old at Arcata Elementary School, were on hold. His attorney had requested a mental competency evaluation.

That report was due this afternoon. Judge Joyce Hinrichs ruled Wilson "mentally incompetent" to stand trial. Criminal proceedings are suspended.

Judge Hinrichs ordered Humboldt County Mental Health to do an anti-psychotic medication evaluation on Wilson, who was not present in court for the proceedings. His attorney, Public Defender Meagan O'Connell waived his presence for today's hearing.

In 15 days, a CONREP report will be provided to the Court to recommend future placement for Wilson, which could be confinement in a state mental health facility, until he is deemed fit to stand trial.

Next court hearing is November 9 at 2 p.m.

He has two cases, one from 2015 and one from 2014. In his recent case, he is charged with two felonies. Count 1 Forcible Lewd  Act Upon a Child and Count 2 Assault with intent to commit a felony on a victim under 18; " intent to commit rape, sodomy and oral copulation" is alleged in the complaint. 

Deputy District Attorney Stacey Eads is prosecuting this case. The Public Defender's office has been appointed for Wilson.

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  1. It is sure a shame, that this pervert, has victimized now 3 children, my heart goes out to these poor kids.

  2. Half the time NAPA sends them back because they are deemed competent and then all that happens is that the trial is delayed and the victims get their lives disrupted again. Maybe he can be one of those committed for life.

  3. Prop 57 passed. He'll probably start drugging the people he rapes...

  4. Prop 57 passed. Maybe he'll start going after adult women and just drugging themy first....?

  5. Watch this "incompetent' person closely when he is approaching his 1 or 2 year incarceration's end. What a game played by the sociologist,and clinical psychologist to save this victim from due punishment. He'll play the game at Napa and get out a new person-yet truly not meant for society ever!