Nov 29, 2016

Eureka citizen files complaint with DA, state attorney general and FPPC on possible violation of election code

On November 28, a complaint was sent by a Eureka citizen to the state attorney general via electronic e-mail. Also a complaint sent to District Attorney Maggie Fleming
via electronic e mail. A complaint to FPPC  via certified registered mail was sent today.

Update 11/30:

DA Maggie Fleming responded to Robert Tuel and asked him to file a complaint with the Secretary of State since they investigate election fraud.

This is the email to DA Maggie Fleming:
The Honorable District Attorney Fleming:

I reside in Eureka, California.  In our most recent election cycle, Austin Allison, an employee of St. Joseph Hospital, was voted into City Council, Eureka 4th Ward.  Mr. Allison was an emergency last-minute candidate after the initial candidate (a coworker of his) dropped out of the race.  It should be noted that Mr. Allison has no prior experience with politics, local or otherwise.

My official complaint and concern is that this candidate, as well as 3 other members of our City Council, did engage in unethical practices prior to his being nominated for the ballot.

On Wednesday, August 17, three members of our City Council (Kim Bergel, Natalie Arroyo, and Linda Atkins) did organize a 'rush job' of collecting enough signatures to officially place him on the ballot.  In the final hours before deadline, they held a signing of his nomination papers in the lobby of our City Hall. This is a violation of the Election Code.

Please see the following article on Lost Coast Outpost for more information:  (UPDATE: He Qualified) New Candidate Emerges in Eureka's Fourth Ward, Right Up Against Deadline .   Also please see the following additional article from The Humboldt Consequential regarding this issue:  Eureka City Council election fiasco; did Council members support illegal campaigning?

For these reasons, Mr. Allison should not be allowed to sit on our City Council.  I am aware that ballots/votes are to be certified very soon - please consider this complaint with urgency, as time is of the essence.


Robert L. Tuel
Eureka, California


  1. Let's see if anyone in FPPC or Fleming has a spine to enforce a law that others respect and honor. Why would we make an exception for Allison? It stunk from the start and it still stinks!!

    1. Camelg, many people had an issue. Only one person filed a complaint. Others should if they feel strongly or at least speak out like you have. I have been following this for months, let's see if the rest of the media finally does their job or just present Austin's side and those of the city council members they prefer.

  2. How does this differ from a candidate making an announcement in front of supporters at the County Courthouse of an intent to run for a Board of Supervisors seat?

  3. Why don't you start by researching the election code and calling the FPPC to see what is the difference? Outside a government building is permitted. You lefties get quite cranky when one of your own is challenged. Must get that sore loser attitude from the Clinton 101 class of denial and deflection.