Nov 1, 2016

Local business owner helping community gather donations for Max, the security guard

Mckinleyville resident Shari Martinsen, and owner of Funk Shui, got a great response from the Mckinleyville Community to help Max, the security guard, at the Safeway shopping center.

Scott Crane has been arrested for the alleged assault.

Ms. Martinsen asked me to get the word out about this effort.

"John... As suggested thru the community I went to the bank to open an account we could donate into.  Sadly because we are not related,  even with my tax ID#, we cannot open an account for donations.

 People have began to bring in gift cards & money so I guess I will be the charge for collections.

 The store is Funk Shui in Mck Shopping Plaza 1537 City Center Rd.  I'm open 11-530. Mon thru Sat.  630-5088.
Gift cards,  cash,  non perishable food donations, etc. On Gift cards we have to remember he is from Crescent City...
I also have a card if people want to sign it.  I'm guessing we can present it to him next week sometime.

Thanks much!

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