May 23, 2024

Has Sherri Provolt been formally charged fraud, perjury and corruption in office


I received this minutes ago. 

Yurok Tribal Councilwoman Sherri K Provolt was previously under investigation for corruption in office and now has formally been charged by the tribe with fraud, perjury and corruption in office. These charges stem from the tribe hiring a private third party investigator to look into her actions regarding the selling of fee property in Westhaven to the Yurok Indian Housing Authority without disclosing that she was an owner of the property. Previous records show that the purchase price of the 3 acre parcel was $500,000. Provolt is accused of not disclosing her interest in the property or recusing herself from the actions originally allocating $1.5 million in tribal funds to the housing authority specifically in order to purchase and develop the property she held an interest in. Her preliminary hearing with the Ethics Review Board, a special committee formed to handle ethics related violations of elected tribal officials, has concluded with the finding that there is merit to the complaint and that committee has scheduled a public hearing were evidence by both parties will be presented and a finding will be decided. As of now the official date of hearing has not been released, sometime in June is expected.

The special investigator was brought in by the tribe once a series of events led to the leaking/whistleblowing of information related to the sale of the property and Provolt receiving a considerable amount of money from the sale. 

Provolt’s daughter holds a position within the executive office of the housing authority, but as of today no evidence has come forward as to her possible involvement in the crime. 

Due to coverage I do that no one else locally or regionally covers and this is my own research and work, I will often get tips, information. It is helpful when I get documents or can verify information. 

I keep my tips and sources confidential and in order to protect my sources for this particular post, I am not going into further detail but I have been provided with several names and information to contact, specifics and other evidence. Some which is confidential and unless I get permission to share from all parties involved, I will not and cannot share on the blog.

This post will be updated as I get information and any responses I get. 

David O’Neill was a Commissioner on the housing authority board, he was recently removed by the council for his own conflict, he is the whistleblower that started this whole investigation, his wife is Peggy O’Neill also and is a planning commissioner for Humboldt County. Two councilmen were made aware of accusations of wrongdoing and began asking questions, this began the fact finding, they are Williams and Vanlandingham.

I have explained in the past futile attempts to reach the Yurok Tribe. I am also not going into the challenges of non response or the powers to be in Humboldt, including tribes speaking to local media that have conflicts of interest and tend to do selective coverage.

I have contacted Councilmember Sherri Provolt. My email did go through to her unlike other attempts. I received an "automatic reply" at 8:22 p.m. "am out on medical care and am not able to attend to messages. Thank you, Sherri Provolt.

I forwarded the same message to Councilmember Vanlandingham. Was unable to reach Peggy O'Neill at the email address provided.

A simple google search will show that Yurok Tribe Councilmember Sherri Provolt spoke up about Javier Kinney. She represents the Yurok District.

No charges have been filed by the Humboldt County DA in his DUI arrest. If you read my blog, I have written about Raymond Bacon and Sherri Provolt's son John Provolt. I was given a tip about Vanlandingham from someone else that I did not pursue because that tipster did not provide me with proof I asked. 

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