Jul 4, 2018

Woman climbs up the Statue of Liberty this afternoon, Liberty Island evacuated

A woman, Therese Okoumou, climbed up the Statue of Liberty this afternoon. This led to authorities evacuating Liberty Island.

After more than two hours, she was taken into custody.

The woman started climbing the statue after  a protest group, Rise and Resist, dropped a banner that read "Abolish ICE" from the base of the statue.

ABC7 reported that the woman was not a part of the Rise and Resist Group. They were


Than they added this tweet. This is why some media reports differ. Conflicting information from the same group.


  1. Screw up the whole island over some twit ?? She wasn't armed she wasn't a threat. Too many snowflakes in the Park Service.

  2. Okoumou is a kenyan name. Could she have fraudulently changed her country of origin to help with immigration issues?