Jul 4, 2018

Anthony Mantova and Jeannie Breslin get local GOP endorsement

Last night, Humboldt Republican Party endorsed Anthony Mantova, who is running for Eureka City Council, Ward One.

They also endorsed Jeannie Breslin who is running for Ward 3. Breslin is not a registered Republican.  Breslin has also been endorsed by Eureka Mayor Frank Jager, former EPD Police Chief Andy Mills and former Humboldt Bay Fire Chief Bill Gillespie.

Humboldt GOP's Zach Rotwein said that Breslin actively sought their endorsement. The local GOP endorsed her because she is pro business and they like her platform. John Fullerton did not ask for their endorsement.

I asked John Fullerton why he did not ask for their endorsement. He told me he was not aware the local GOP was endorsing any candidates in the November election.


  1. Ward 3 elections, Eureka.
    After reading about all three candidates & attending events, asking them a few questions, I have come to the conclusion that experience really matters. It's wishful thinking to believe someone with very little or no direct experience will be able to navigate their way thru the system let alone get anything done.
    My vote will go for Arroyo. Please make sure to get out & vote.

  2. There is more than one anonymous who posts as Unknown but only one Unknown who always comments for the far left. Predictable and biased.

    How do we know you are not on Arroyo's campaign team, a friend or an endorser?
    There are three candidates in Ward 3, your opinion of Arroyo is your opinion.

    What has Natalie done with this experience that has benefitted all citizens of Eureka? Not just those who support her. Natalie and her campaign do not treat all media equally. I want someone professional as a City Councilmember, not someone who ignores those not in her little clique.

    Natalie's experience has encouraged an obnoxious needle exchange group that refuses to take responsibility for the unaccountable program they call harm reduction, the streets of Eureka look like crap and are covered with crap, criminals and drug addicts feel entitled to confront private property and business owners while they trash and destroy our property.

    What Eureka needs is a complete change and to vote out Kim Bergel, Natalie Arroyo and Heidi Messner this election. Is Austin Allison even around? Time to give someone else a chance.