Jul 3, 2018

Michelle Costantine's statement on her facebook page is effective because unlike pretty promises by politicians during elections, she has already delivered positive change for Eureka

After months of encouragement from my community, friends and family I have decided to run for Mayor of Eureka in 2018. With my experience in sales, marketing, management and running a small business along, with my ability to be an effective communicator I believe I am the right choice.

I moved to Humboldt County 19 years ago as a college student. I chose Humboldt out of all the schools I applied to because of its unique small-town charm. After college I had the opportunity to move away but, instead looked locally for employment opportunities. I then moved to Eureka where I  settled about 13 years ago. With its quaint architecture, beautiful waterfront, amazing art and culture, plentiful outdoor activities and experiences right at your fingertips and some of most compassionate people I have ever met, my husband and I chose Eureka to raise our family. Eureka is like no place I have ever lived and I want to make sure we do everything we can do make it safe and prosperous for for the families who are proud to call our town "home".

After my son was born in 2012 we noticed that crime, drug use and sale of illegal drugs grew exponentially in Eureka. Since the City evicted people from the Palco Marsh we have seen and increase with problems in neighborhoods. As my son grows up in Eureka my husband and I notice open drug use in public places along with needle litter on a regular basis. As a concerned parent and citizen, I wondered what I could do? More and more members of our community were talking about the amount of crime in their neighborhoods and public safety yet, no one seemed to know what to do exactly or how to go about creating change.

That’s when I decided to step up and do something so I formed a community action group called "Take Back Eureka", to help get the community involved and bring awareness to some of the challenges we face here in Eureka.

Over the last year I have been working with many local leaders, elected officials and numerous program directors to better understand the local issues, ordinances and resources that are available. I have been very active in volunteer work the last couple of years and I am convinced that through a united effort and proper leadership, Eureka can be changed for the better. I believe it is time to bring the community together. It is time to work on the difficult challenges we are facing. It is time we make children in our community a priority.

What I am doing to already make changed:
• Formed a successful Community Action Group- Take Back Eureka
• Promoted & formed a team for the Salvation Army largest fundraiser- Bell Ringing
• Support California Safe Initiative- Petitioned for over 300 signatures to get on the ballot to amend some of the unintended consequences from prop 47,57 and AB109
• Getting people registered to vote
• Organized and hosted a community picnic
• Was recognized by the City of Eureka for Take Back Eureka’s contribution to revitalizing and making improvements to the city
• Co-Chair for the Boy’s and Girl’s Club of the Redwoods Bids for Kids, Masquerade Ball Committee.
• Co-Sponsored a City Wide Clean Up with Pac Out Green Team and other’s
• Organize semi-monthly walkabouts through our parks & trails
• Working on the Coast Guard Park renaming and celebration committee
• Holding local needle exchanges accountable to their numbers

I support:
• Eureka Police Department
• Humboldt Bay Fire Department
• U.S. Coast Guard
• All local youth programs (The Forgotten Initiative, Boy’s & Girl’s Club, Big Brother Big Sister, ECS after school and summer programs, Betty Chin’s after school program, The Jefferson Project) I would like to see them all expanded upon
• A multi-use indoor/outdoor recreation center for families
• I am in full support of revitalizing Eureka
• Creating a safe, clean and inviting place for young people to live, play and thrive with their families
• Encourage small business development
• Reasonable harbor development
• Encourage and promote tourism, festivals and events
• Trade-Skilled Labor jobs and schooling
• Local programs in place that are connecting people with the right resources to help with addiction, mental health and homelessness. I would like to see these expanded upon
• A working relationship with the Board of Supervisors to address some of Eureka’s challenges

In the coming months I will be knocking on doors, reaching out to each ward to hear your concerns and thoughts about how we can come together as a community in a positive way and make Eureka a more desirable place to live and work. I am dedicated to Eureka and I am ready to find permanent solutions to some of the hard issues we face. I want to see Eureka grow in a direction our children can thrive and prosper in. A place where whether they decide to go off to college and come back or stay here after high school, our children can be successful in obtaining a skill and raise a family here.

With your help and continued support I look forward to working with each one of you, as we work to make our home safer, more secure and beautiful. I am excited to see what we can achieve when we come together as a community. I will be needing help in various ways in the coming months.

I want to thank everyone who has encouraged me and been so extremely supportive of my work thus far. I couldn’t have done it without all of you. Your stories, your passion, and your desire for a better Eureka keeps me motivated and inspired to continue progress in Eureka. I look forward to serving as Mayor of Eureka come November 2018!

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