Jul 3, 2018

Breaking the law, not obtaining permits and endangering the safety of others is not a peaceful protest

Three cities  Atlanta, Philadelphia and Portland. Same scenario

According to the article linked below, six people protesting outside an Immigration and Customs Enforcement building in Philadelphia were arrested Friday morning.

They were allegedly blocking the entrance to the building and refused to let anyone get inside, even after they were warned to allow people into the building but they continued to block the entrance.

The six protestors were arrested and cited for failure to disperse. They were released after being cited.


"In Portland, Oregon, the rally became a full-scale riot, as anarchists destroyed a police car and attacked officers, smashed numerous windows and property, and started fires in the streets. Police told people to leave the area, and at least three people were arrested."

According to the Washington Times article, the protestors had not obtained the proper permits.


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