Nov 1, 2016

What's with the Safeway in Mckinleyville? Reports of homeless guy beating up a kid by clerks

According to the clerks at Safeway, a homeless guy (allegedly) beat up a middle school kid - Sheriffs were there."

As a result of the attack on Sunday, HCSO has increased patrols of the center.

will update...

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  1. A better question is "what's with all these violent criminals being repeatedly released?" When we do something about the parasites, these attacks will go away. So far, what, four businesses in the last week have had employees attacked by homeless people? Stuft potato's owner, the safeway security guard, the unidentified walgreens employee, the dollar store employee that got pepper sprayed. In one week. And yet people keep blathering that the homeless are just ordinary people down on their luck, and that we should keep giving them stuff.