Nov 3, 2016

"This is not a place you would allow dogs and you got 30 people packed in here"

The March was supposed to start at 9 a.m. near the temporary sleeping camp location by the Wharfinger building, people protesting the closure by Eureka City Council of the temporary sleeping camps marched up Fifth street to the  Humboldt County Courthouse.

The march has not started yet, it is 9:50 a.m. People said that they may march later, that did not happen. Police are standing by and people were still packing up as of 11:30 a.m. There were no issues. About 10 community members and activists were present.

Campers spoke with police, one requesting disinfectant wipes. Officer Cory Crinch helped that woman out.

 AHAA members, HSU student Rebecca Porter stood outside the Courthouse after leaving the campsite.

AHAA's Edie Jessup said, "This is not a place you would allow dogs and you got 30 people packed in here."

As people were packing up, a woman who had put her belongings in her car was washing her hair on the street with water from a water container.

AHAA's Nezzie Wade said that the campers were given notice the previous evening, she thought 5 p.m. but EPD's Officer Wayne Rabang said it was 6 p.m.

"They can only come here at 7 p.m and have to be out the next morning," said Wade. " 9:30 a.m. only gives them a couple of hours. They cannot move their life out in two hours." She added that the police were not citing anyone, as long as people were making progress, they were working with the campers.

Officer Crinch, Officer Rabang and Officer Young Porambo were observing as campers packed up, answering questions from media, community and campers.

"This is not the first time," said Officer Rabang explaining that it is a temporary camp to sleep overnight and the locations have been rotated. "They are supposed to be packed up and it is always several hours later."

"We don't like to rush anyone but it has been an ongoing problem," said Officer Rabang.

The very last photo in this post is of a couple I spoke with, Joseph and Lindsay. They had their dog and all their belongings packed attached to a bicycle.

"I think they should give us another chance," said Joseph. "For those of us that want to work together, to clean up. Some people here are just trying to find a place to live."

Finding themselves homeless, and having to shuttle around with their belongings every day, makes it hard for them to find a job, stay clean. Social Services took their child, they want to get a job, help from resources but as they explained they are shuttling their belongings, stopping only to get a meal, and the only place they can charge their cell phone is at Wendy's so calling for resources and appointments is difficult when you are constantly on the move.

They said they were going to try and call 211 to see if they could get housing assistance.

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