Nov 10, 2016

November 15 meeting of Eureka City Council has an interim urgency ordinance imposing a moratorium on recreational marijuana and a conditional use permit invitation for a medical cannabis dispensary

Prop 64 passed in California this week.

I have contacted some lawyers and local stakeholders about this and will update post, if necessary.

On the City Council agenda for the November 15 meeting are two items.

One is C3:

Interim Urgency Ordinance Imposing a Moratorium on Recreational Marijuana

Recommendation: Receive and file the report describing the need to alleviate the public health and

safety threat associated with unregulated Marijuana Dispensaries, Growing and Processing

Operations within the City of Eureka; and

Waive reading, adopt, and read by title only Bill No. 929 -C.S., Adoption of the Urgency

Ordinance of the City Council of the City of Eureka Imposing a Temporary Moratorium on the

Cultivation, Processing, Manufacture, Distribution, Testing, and Sale of Nonmedical Marijuana; the

Outdoor Cultivation and Processing of Marijuana; the Indoor Cultivation and Processing of

Marijuana in Excess of what would be permitted under the “Control, Regulate and Tax Adult Use of

Marijuana Act” (AUMA); and, Prohibiting the Use and Possession of Marijuana and Marijuana

Products in Public Places and at Retail Sites.

The second is D3:

Medical Cannabis Dispensary Invitation to Apply for a Conditional Use Permit

Recommendation: Receive report; and

Invite the Ecological Cannabis Organization to submit a Use Permit Application to establish a medical cannabis dispensary

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