Nov 4, 2016

Guess the City of Eureka and the rest of the media don't think its relevant if a City Council candidate does not have a business license

I sent an email today to the City of Eureka Manager, Greg Sparks.

Asking him or the Finance Department or whoever he thinks should respond in writing to me.

Not a single media outlet has followed up on this; as a taxpayer or business owner, why do you continue to support media outlets that refuse to get you relevant information?

"I did this post last Friday. I have not heard from Austin.

I have received inquiry from the public about what the City of Eureka has done, if anything to see about Austin Allison not having a business license.

He is running for a seat on the Eureka Council and the election is on November 8."


  1. I read the post and looking at the history of that address it makes me think that he's renting it. If so, I wonder if the owner of the property knows as tenants don't usually have the right to use rental property for business purposes unless authorized by a lease, and a smart property owner would also require proof of not just insurance on the renter's property but the owner as an also covered.
    The parcel number for 1602 Hodgson is 012-215-001-000
    Whoever owns it is current on their taxes.
    If you go to:
    and put in the parcel/assessment number (second category)
    it will bring up the screen which show the assessment on that piece of property AND it shows no assessment for business property.
    Of course the property owner might not declare any business value because it could open a can of worms...(and perhaps higher assessment)
    but I think it's because it's not known that it's being used for business purposes, even part-time.

    If you look here:
    and click on Zoning Map you'll get a pdf which shows that Hodgson is zoned....RS-6000 ONE - FAMILY RESIDENTIAL
    This page
    Shows that it is the same owner from 2011 to 2016 (I think there's a fee
    to get the actual name of the owner)
    In a website that has other info
    707-443-0043 M******* M W*****
    1602 Hodgson St, Eureka, CA 95503
    I believe the Margaret Wilson
    You could try calling her to see if she does own the property...

    Could be Allison was given some bad information and told he didn't need a business license. If so, shame on the person who told him that.

    Some of the products used in woodworking can be flammable which could present a serious fire hazard.

    1. Gabriele, the current owner is a Mr. Durbin. I did two previous posts with current information from the assessor's office and extensive research and contacting the County, City of Eureka finance department and Building and Planning. Everything you raised has been brought up and asked. If Austin does not know or cant be bothered to find out on his own, what is required to operate a local business in Eureka, he has no business running for a Council seat.

    2. Do you have a business license?

  2. Such information would (or should be noted) in a lease, not "hey my landlord is cool with it". Especially not a furniture making business. Even as a hobby, that requires power equipment, tools, and chemicals during production. Those get very hot and many are flammable. More than just a couple hammers and a saw. That poses a genuine risk of a fire if equipment, processe of manufacturing, or storage of hot equipment isn't addressed. I don't doubt his skills as a woodworker, but getting a business license for THAT type of operation is really not difficult to get. Unless of course, you can't get one for THAT type because you rent, nor is allowed in a residential area. I know of many "hobbyists" that make a buck or two here in their back shops around town but even they aren't running for city council, nor are plastering over social media that they are running a business without having title to the land, or operate in a way that prohibits their businesses from being insured. That last bit is pretty important as I'm sure that running a wood shop when you rent isn't going to be covered by renter's insurance. The homeowner might have liability and has the ca$h to cover a loss, but as already said...if you can't be bothered to complete a couple hours of paperwork once every 4 months yet advertise yourself as a business owner, then why is he running for a council position to tell the rest of the citizens what they can or cannot do?


  3. how about this as an explanation why no one seems to care: His business is in name only, he has no volume, no employees, no sales to speak of and no profit. I bet there are many Eurekans who make more on Ebay that this guy does playing with wood. He pretends to be a business owner because it sounds better than admitting he is a union stooge.

    1. Not that it is any of your business since I am not running for City Council, but yes I do and a current one. And, in the future, while I do allow anonymous comments, unless you provide a verifiable email address and your identity, any future comments by Austin stooges or the usual Humboldt troll will not got a response or get published.

      Austin is running for City Council and he and his "backers" are not above rules or the law.

  4. Does Austin have a private email server to bypass Freedom of Information act?Sounds pretty wishy washy to not have had a formal filed complaint about his application signage on City property,City tables/chairs/phones/electricity. This spews of Hillaryism!

    1. I am sure like Hillary, Austin was just "careless". The local media seems more interested in not doing anything or writing about facebook debates. Just like the mainstream media is for Clinton, we have local media that look the other way for their candidate of choice.