Nov 3, 2016

Four counts of assault and battery against the man who allegedly assaulted the security guard; 13 cases in the system; and he just plead five days before the Safeway incident to another assault

Scott Joseph Crane, is charged with four counts of assault and battery, all misdemeanors, and the alleged victim in one of these counts is Max, the security guard at Mckinleyville Safeway.

I have been told that at least one of the victims is seeking a temporary restraining order against Crane.

Crane will also be arraigned on violation of probation from a 2015 case, in which the charges included throwing a substance at a vehicle, vandalism and obstruct/resist a public officer.

Just five days before the incident at the McKinleyville safeway, Crane plead no contest to another assault and battery case, victim Mark Dunaway Kennedy. He was sentenced to three years conditional probation.

Crane has a total of 13 cases in the system, one dismissal in 2014; five traffic/infraction cases and the earliest case back to 2009. I did not check all the cases for charges but one in 2013 was for a drug offense.

For his previous cases, Crane had the Public Defender so most likely he will be reappointed a lawyer from the office.

 The arraignment today is in Courtroom 1 at 1:30 p.m. I posted yesterday about Crane's arraignment.

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