Attorney Testimonials

I wholeheartedly recommend other advertisers using John Chiv's Blog for their outreach needs. Before I talk about why that is a good idea, I want to compliment John on the important service he provides. John is dedicated in his Court coverage. There are many cases that he is the sole coverage on. He knows the players, the issues and does a dedicated job in getting the facts out. Many victim's families live very far away. It is John's blog that is the lifeline of information for them if they cannot be here in person. The law can be a sad, and in some cases gruesome topic. He has befriended these victims families and sometimes lent his powerful platform to them so they can tell the community, what it is like going through this process. Having previously prosecuted many tough and high profile cases and knowing how agonizing the process can be, I can tell you his outreach means quite a bit to these families, because the system for a variety of reasons will not help them, that much I know. This is important, because this keen interest that exists in this site drives a lot of traffic. The difference is that John is actually in the trenches talking to people. Sitting in Court and doing the reporting. This is not easy. He does an exceptionally good job in reporting on closing arguments. Typically a close analysis of those arguments can predict the end result. His site has brought me business, and more importantly he trusts me that he sends his friends to me to take care of their legal problems. I consider him a valued friend, and it is obvious that his site will only continue to grow. Your advertising on that site will be able to latch onto that early growth. I highly recommend him." --Allan Dollison

Advertising on John's website had paid for itself well-over again.  I am happy with the results I've realized from my placement on his site and will continue my advertisements. They have proved profitable and I've developed some great relationships with folks I suspect will continue to be clients for as long as I choose to practice the law--McLaughlin Law Office


  1. looking for info on my murdered
    granddaughter, Rhiannah Mckenzie, allegedly killed by Maxx Robison......this is a nightmare!
    Toniann Salit

    1. I have been reporting on the case. His preliminary hearing has been continued so I have no new information at this time.